Transitional Trainers

Jerry Hernandez
Jerry’s goal is to help you reach your goals by improving your weaknesses and fine-tuning your strengths. Also, he is a big advocate for including stretching and mobility into your daily life, which is something everyone can enjoy.

Samantha Brown
Is eager to share her love for movement with others and inspire individuals to become their happiest, healthiest and strongest selves.

Kenneth Miranda
Coming soon.

Fernanda Repsold, PMA-CPT
During a typical session, Fernanda focuses on the major tenets of movement systems – precision, flow, and breath. Practicing these will fuel your passion, purpose, and progress towards greater health.

Eliot Sherman
Eliot looks forward to not only returning you to a state of physical well-being but sparking an ongoing interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Elizabeth Ty
Elizabeth aims to help clients become independent and motivated to reach their goals when it comes to health and fitness.

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