Laurel Stephens, PT, DPT, MFDc

“I understand how not moving the way you want, prevents you from living how you want. My goal is to work with you, using my experience and knowledge in combination with your commitment, to build a personalized plan to get you back to what you want to do. As a lifetime athlete, I also understand the demands and obstacles of returning to the activity you love.”

Professional Licensure & Certification
  • Licensed Physical Therapist, State of California
  • BLS/CPR Certified
  • Myofascial Decompression Level 1 & 2 (CupTherapy MFD)
  • Member of the The Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights (BAPHR)
Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of California, San Francisco/San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California
Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology, Exercise and Movement Science, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California
Activities & Community
  • Enjoys hiking and camping, accomplished her second hike up Half Dome
  • Member of SF’s master’s rowing crew, other athletic history includes circus arts
  • Volunteered with Adaptive Athletics CrossFit
  • Loves going to see live music and discovering new artists
  • One day plans to learn how to play tennis!

“I was referred to Presidio Sport by my orthopedic doctor after fracturing both my hip and pubic bones due to running. I was unable to walk for four weeks and was in terrible pain. I remember crutching into my first appointment, still in a lot of pain and despair. I am a very active person and fitness is a huge part of my life. Not being able to do any activities during healing was very difficult to accept.

When I went in for my very first appointment I was greeted with such care and empathy. When I met with my physical therapist, Laurel, I felt she knew exactly where I was and where I wanted to go in terms of recovery. When I explained what my goals were, along with my concerns, I felt like she truly listened to me. She is incredibly talented and an expert in what she does.

Once we started an exercise plan I immediately started to feel relief, and am now crutch free! She has really given me the support I need in recovering and getting back to my normal fitness activities. I’ve seen other therapists in the past due to a neck injury, and Laurel is by far one of the best therapists I have ever worked with. I highly recommend her to anyone experiencing pain.

I’ve also very much enjoyed working with her Transitional Trainers, Anthony and Justina, who were very aligned with my goals and were extremely nice. The front desk staff has also been so helpful and willing to do anything to make my experience great. Thank you so much Presidio Sport! I am now able to walk without crutches, pain free and am starting to gradually resume my fitness activities. I am so thankful for your entire team!” – Gina R.

“I had a wonderful PT experience with Laurel! Being 6 months pregnant, I am having a lot of upper and lower back pain. Laurel was very knowledgeable and thorough in her examination and was able to diagnose the exact cause of the pain. She let me know which muscle groups I need to work on strengthening to help relieve the symptoms and provided me with a number of stretches and exercises to help with the discomfort. She also made sure that I was doing the prescribed exercises correctly and engaging the correct muscle groups.

She has a very gentle, caring approach and I felt so comfortable in her care.  She also provided some manual therapy that relieved my pain and I felt better almost instantly. I would see Laurel for PT every day if I could!” – Marina I.

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