Mill Valley

Chris Chorak, PT
“You have the power within yourself to get better. If you have a desire to heal your body, then you are on your way to recovery.”

Leslie Donohue, MPT
“I combine my experience as a former dancer with my knowledge of body mechanics to help others with their injuries and improve body awareness.”

Sarah Elsen, MPT
“I combine my athletic background with my experience to resolve patients’ current injuries and prevent future ones.”

Jesus “Sito” Prado, DPT, PT
“I believe that people are meant to move, and my goal is to help people learn how to love to move.”

Caroline Rybicki, PT, DPT
“I am passionate about facilitating the healing process and educating you on how to successfully achieve your goals.”

Kamaljit Thind, PT, DPT
“I find purpose in empowering the individual through finding their inner strength and developing their outer strength”

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