Anna Fischer

“My core belief that improved and conscious movement leads to better posture and alignment drives my work with my clients.  This prepares us to accomplish our goals with the least amount of wear and tear on our bodies.  Regardless of age, posture and movement correlate to and affect our energy and how we move in the world.  I love the challenge of finding the best movement each and every time I work with my clients.  I help integrate healthy habits into my clients lives.”

Experience & Background
With over 15 years’ experience, Anna successfully helps clients achieve their health and fitness goals. She is also the Fitness Director at Presidio Sport & Medicine.

Professional Certification
  • ACSM Certification
  • Mat Pilates Background
  • Reformer and Trapeze Table Work
  • Rehabilitation Specialist Certification
  • Sport-specific training for cycling, swimming, running and cross country skiing
  • Weaves yoga and meditation practices into sessions if appropriate
  • Loves working with clients who actively take a part in their healing and/or fitness
  • Injury rehab clients, especially shoulder and knee joints
  • Creative enthusiast in ceramics, jewelry making, painting and sewing
  • Spending time outdoors with her dog
Contact Me
P: 415.299.4829

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