Presidio Sport & Medicine offers a variety of Pilates services to meet your needs. Pilates is core strengthening which tones the deep muscles of the abdominals and back, while increasing postural awareness, strength, mobility and energy. Pilates incorporates breathing techniques and exercises to bring new challenges to our clients.

Benefits of Pilates:
  • Creates stronger, longer and leaner bodies
  • Helps prevent injuries
  • Improves postural alignment and awareness
  • Enhances performance in other sports
  • Increases flexibility and core strength

Finding an approach to Pilates that best meets your needs is a key to success.  We offer a variety of Pilates services, including:

Physical Therapy Pilates: Pilates can be an integral part of your physical therapy treatment plan.  If prescribed by your therapist, our Pilates specialists will lead you through tailored Pilates exercises and/or modalities.  If this approach is medically necessary, it may be covered by insurance.

One-on-One Pilates: Private Pilates sessions with Susan provide an opportunity for individualized attention and customized goals to meet your needs. These sessions are what you need to take your Pilates training to the next level.

Group Classes: We occasionally offer Pilates mat classes which can be catered to meet your needs, whether you are brand new to Pilates, have some experience, or are looking for sport specific conditioning. For more information and the latest schedule, go to our Group Classes page.

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