At Presidio Sport & Medicine we take great pride in the services we offer and hope to exceed all our clients’ expectations. You don’t have to simply take our word for it. We welcome you to take a look at some of the remarks left by those we’ve served.

“I’ve had several therapeutic massages from Bryan Sharpe and they’ve been wonderful. He listens to me when I describe my injuries, knows a lot about pressure points, muscles, and pain, and truly has been a big help during my recovery process. He is my favorite therapist and truly an asset to your team at Presidio Sport.” ~ Traci Passero

“Thanks so much for all your excellent care, therapy, and coaching since my bike accident. I’m so excited to be back to what feels very close to 100%. You and your entire staff made my rehab visits a positive experience. It was something I looked forward to going to. You were especially instrumental in keeping me on track for Ironman Canada. You really played a huge part in me making my time goal! We set that goal together in my first appointment. I really can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me physically and psychologically – I’m back and enjoying training more than ever. I’ll always remember the way you turned a really serious and scary experience into such a positive for me. I will keep sending very injured athletes your way – it’s an easy reference for me to make.” ~ E.M.

“I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the contributions Presidio Sport & Medicine made to my successful crossing of the English Channel. From my initial session with you, I knew I had found a true athlete’s physical therapy organization. More than just taking care of my sore shoulders and back, you worked on my overall training regimen. From nutrition to attitude, peaking to taper, PSM helped to fill in the areas where I needed expertise. The result was not only realizing my goal of crossing from England to France but also doing it in a time I only dreamed of when my training began.” ~ J.B.

“I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome! I called to schedule a bunch of appointments just now and the receptionist I talked to was really nice. I also saw Erin last night and she was fantastic – I never felt rushed and she explained everything to me in great detail which I LOVED. I like to understand what’s wrong and how to fix it but also why, which she was great at telling me. She also somehow convinced me that not being able to run for 7 days was a good thing (still not sure how she managed that…!) and I left feeling very optimistic. The girl who helped me with the exercises and Ultrasound was so sweet…she made it seem like she actually enjoyed touching my feet which, although I did get a pedicure, are runner’s feet after all so they’re not ultra-pretty! Thanks so much for providing such great care and wonderful service!” ~J.L.

“I came to Presidio Sport & Medicine following a recommendation from my doctor after I was diagnosed with an Achilles tear. Every day, Erin greeted me with a warm and confident smile. She always worked hard, and she was persistent and focused. She reminded me what to do and not to do about 100 times every time. She provided clear, small steps while keeping an eye on the recovery finish line. My doctor declared the treatment a success and I did not need surgery. I feel great, and it’s all thanks to Erin and your staff over there.” ~ M.G.

“I came out of Presidio Sport & Medicine this morning with a big smile on my face. In a strange and twisted way, I call Presidio Sport & Medicine a part of my “home.” I couldn’t ask for a better therapist. What impresses me most about Erica is how personally she takes her work and how she is able to connect with her patients. I not only feel like I’m in wise and experienced hands when I’m working with her but I feel like she knows my body… With my aide Erin, I’ve been impressed with her knowledge of the body and her friendly humble attitude. She not only follows Erica’s lead, but she also adapts to changing scenarios within the treatment and has clearly learned the “personal touch”… Andy is exactly the type of trainer I need. He works seamlessly together with me to help improve my overall fitness and happiness. He’s the only personal trainer I’ve ever worked with a heart AND brain as big as he has. He takes every client seriously and custom tailors his programs to each person. They all go above and beyond to ensure their patients are comfortable, individually treated, progressing, and understand their progress. I feel what you have is unique. I’m lucky to have it as a part of my healing.” ~ A.M.

“I have been coming to Presidio Sport & Medicine to treat a hamstring injury. I wanted to let you know how inspired I am with your establishment but most of all, your therapist, Erica. She has been so supportive – explains everything to me and adds some humor to the pain! She is a gem and boosts me to get stronger. I thank you for running such a nice facility.” ~ P.S.

“I crossed the finish line of Ironman Lake Placid because of my PSM team! Erica and Chris, you are the best. Thank you!” ~ J.Y.

“I sustained a terrible knee injury that pulled me out of football midway through my junior year. After reconstructive surgery, I began my long road to recovery. As my rehab progressed, the intensity of my visits increased. Thanks to the care and direction I got, I improved steadily and unfalteringly through rehab, never experiencing a significant tweak or setback. As team captain my senior year, we finished as one of the top teams in the region and put our hearts into the game day-in and day-out.” ~ J.A.

“I just wanted to send a note of thanks for the great experience I had while undergoing physical therapy at your facility. I was there for rotator cuff surgery and received expert treatment in an extremely friendly and supportive atmosphere. My therapist was extraordinary and her knowledge of my injury and how best to treat it was extensive, and she translated that into a practical program of treatment and exercise that worked very well for me. Kudos to all the trainers I worked with. They really knew how to explain the exercises, how to spot and correct what I was doing wrong, and how to provide an atmosphere of positive reinforcement.” ~ P.M.

“I recently completed physical therapy with Mitch and am writing to commend his work with me in recovering from a condition that was both physically and emotionally challenging. By the end of my first session, I knew I was in the right place with the right therapist. Mitch was a careful questioner and, above all, a very good listener. He was able to construct a program that would carefully follow the natural healing process. His professionalism, empathy, and assessment of what I needed were right on the mark. As I graduated from physical therapy, Mitch gave me guidelines for resuming regular activities, and I have followed them. As I return to moderate hiking and long walks, I thank Mitch and the staff of Presidio Sport & Medicine for helping me through a challenging time.” ~ B.C.

“Today I took my favorite hike to my favorite spot. All fun, no pain. All thanks to everyone at Presidio Sport & Medicine. I couldn’t thank you enough. Wishing you well in your studies and all you do. You were the perfect therapist!” ~ D.B.

“Many of our SFRRC members have been to see you for various injuries and have had wonderful experiences, similar to mine. We also greatly appreciate your hospitality on Saturday mornings and the PTs who share their time to give informative presentations to our members; we really can’t thank you enough for this!” ~ President, SFRRC

“I completed the 3-day breast cancer walk this weekend. The good news is that my tendonitis did not flare. I walked all 60 miles with no pain. So, thank you for healing my injury. My event was all that I had hoped for, which included being pain-free. Thanks again!” ~ S.R.

“I recently completed several weeks of physical therapy. My experience with Presidio Sport & Medicine could not have been better. I was impressed at the complete thoroughness of my initial examination and my PT seemed genuinely concerned to determine what the problem was. During subsequent visits, the work on my shoulder had an immediate and profound effect. Being free of pain seems elusive when you are in the process, and I am still amazed at the skills and professionalism. Kudos to the aides and reception staff as well.” ~ D.H.

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