Ask a Specialist

We understand that knowing where to begin in the healthcare process can be overwhelming.  We also understand that your time and resources are limited, so you want to find a healthcare path that best meets your needs.  If you have an injury question and aren’t sure where to start, we are here to help guide you.

We offer a free e-mail consultation to help start you on your healthcare path.  Our physical therapist specialist may make recommendations to relieve your symptoms, help determine if physical therapy is recommended, or suggest an alternative path to begin on.

Please e-mail with your questions and include the following information in order for us to best serve you:

  1. What your symptoms are and when/how they started
  2. What you have done to relieve your symptoms, if anything
  3. Any specific questions that you have

We will do our best to respond quickly and help you move more, play more and live more!

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